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I'm not sure I received the correct reward from my crate.

posted on 2017/07/07

The following guide will help explain what types of rewards can be earned. There may be a few reasons that a Commander is uncertain about the rewards they've received.

Guaranteed and Possible rewards
Crates rewarded from conflicts will list the type of data fragment that you're guaranteed to receive. In the image below, Elite Data Fragments are the guaranteed type.

Below that line are some of the Elite Data Fragments that you could receive. In the image below, this is the Modified INT-4 Interceptor Data Fragments, Shoretrooper Data Fragments, and Heavy Shoretrooper Data Fragments. Note that these are only some of the Data Fragments you could receive–there are others also available within the crate.

Image of a Bronzium Data Crate.

Unit Samples and Data Fragments
Unit Samples and Data Fragments are two different types of rewards.

Image of the unit icon Unit Samples: Troops that you receive without having to train or spend resources. They are not capped by your Headquarters' level, and will no longer be available after being deployed.

Image of a gold Data Fragment Data Fragments: Appearing as gold, blue, or silver discs, these will unlock units or equipment upgrades for units/buildings.

Unlocking a unit happens automatically when the necessary Data Fragments have been collected, while managing equipment upgrades you've unlocked can be done in the Research Lab.

Check the section below for further information on Data Fragments.

Data Fragments: Equipment Upgrades and Units
Data Fragments can reward you with equipment upgrades or units.

Equipment Upgrades: Displayed on a gold, blue, or silver grid background. These will upgrade a unit or building.

User-added image User-added image User-added image

Units: Displayed on a gold background with no grid. Data Fragments can unlock further upgrades for these units.

User-added image


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