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Nemo's Reef - What's a Game Code? Click here for info.

posted on 2016/09/30

A Game Code is a password that lets you transfer your reef to other devices. After updating to version 1.9 of Nemo's Reef, you'll be asked to create a Game Code. Be sure to write this information down.
Image of the Log In screen
To transfer your reef to another device:
1. Download Nemo's Reef on your new device.
2. Open the app and wait for the Log In prompt.
3. Create a Game Code and writer it down. (Game Codes must only use numbers or letters and may not exceed 12 characters).

After completing those steps, your reef will be available on your new device. If it isn't available, restart your device and wait 10 minutes. 

Note: A reef is only available on one device at a time. Transferring to a new device will make the reef unavailable on the original one.

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