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Objectives – Possible Rewards

posted on 2017/07/07

Womp rats get into your last shipment of supplies? No problem, Commander, you can earn valuable resources by completing Planetary Objectives.

Image of Planetary Objective Crates

Special crates can also be awarded by completing Heroic Defenses.

Image of Heroic Defense Crates

Before you start an Objective, you'll be presented with a list of possible Rewards.

Image of List of Possible Supply Crate Rewards

While you're not guaranteed to receive one of the listed Rewards, it'll give you an idea of the most valued items that HQ distributes.

Possible Rewards include:
  • Currency
  • Unit unlocks
  • Bundles of one-time use Units
Credits, Alloy, and Contraband are added directly to your totals. Other Rewards will mobilize into your Headquarters' Inventory. Note that you can't access your Headquarters' Inventory during an upgrade.

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