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Star Wars: Puzzle Droids™

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Star Wars: Puzzle Droids™ Hints and Tips

posted on 2017/04/26

Are you ready to embark on the ultimate Star Wars adventure? Try these tricks to improve your game:

If you're not sure what to do next, target the bottom of the board. This can shift a lot of circuits and might just turn into consecutive matches.

Image of a game board with the bottom rows highlighted.

It's easy to get used to matching in straight lines. Look for the less obvious matches like squares and L-shapes that will help you get more points and possible power-ups. 

Image of the game board. A potential match on a square shape is highlighted.

Falling short of a level? Be resourceful and use your available power-ups.

Image of the torch tool being awarded

Think ahead when battling an opponent to trap them into making a weak move. Whenever possible, end your turn so there's no chance your opponent can match 4 or more circuits. 

Image of a battle versus enemies

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