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TRON Run/r Original Soundtrack - Track List and Where to Buy

posted on 2016/06/21

TRON Run/r features a breathtakingly sweeping soundtrack that stands on its own; a memorable soundscape that ties perfectly to the onscreen action in the game.

Available at:

Track List:
  1. Run Program – Moroder/Shockne
  2. Run Program (Bibio Remix) - Moroder/Shockne
  3. Recursion - Moroder/Shockne
  4. Invalid Path - Moroder/Shockne
  5. Invalid Path (Darkstar Remix) - Moroder/Shockne
  6. Delta Antliae (Nicholls Remix) - Moroder/Shockne
  7. Delta Antliae (patten Remix) - Moroder/Shockne
  8. 611 Time Out - Moroder/Shockne
  9. 611 Time Out (Autechre Remix) - Moroder/Shockne
  10. Decrypted - Moroder/Shockne
  11. Memory String - Moroder/Shockne
  12. Memory String (Plaid Remix) - Moroder/Shockne
  13. Parity Error - Moroder/Shockne
  14. Parity Error (Rusko Remix) - Moroder/Shockne

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