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posted on 2017/05/18

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Check Device Compatibility

Number of Devices
You can register up to 10 devices and utilise 4 concurrent streams per account.

Image Quality
The quality of the display of movies and TV shows streamed may vary from device to device and computer to computer and may be affected by a variety of factors, such as your location, the bandwidth available through and/or speed of your Internet connection. Content available in HD when streamed via Chromecast to a HD compatible device.

Minimum Speeds
The minimum connection speed for SD quality is 0.5 Mbps; however, we recommend a faster connection for improved video quality. HD availability is subject to your Internet service and device capabilities. Not all content is available in HD; content which is downloaded to the device for offline viewing is not available in HD. Default playback settings on mobile networks exclude HD content. A download speed of at least 5.0 Mbps per stream is recommended to receive HD content, which is defined as 720p or better. 10.0 Mbps is recommended to receive content at 1080p. You are responsible for Internet access charges. Please check with your Internet provider for information on possible Internet data usage charges. The time it takes to begin watching a movie or TV show will vary based on a number of factors, including your location, available bandwidth at the time, the movie or TV show you have selected and the configuration of your DisneyLife ready device.

Data Charges
When accessing DisneyLife over your mobile network (not on Wi-Fi), you will be using your data allowance. By default, streaming content via 3G/4G is turned off when you install DisneyLife. You have the ability to change this in your account settings. If you are using 3G or 4G to access the DisneyLife Service please make sure you are aware of the amount of data in your pay as you go or contract allowance. Disney is not responsible for any charges (including internet or data charges) you may incur in using the DisneyLife Service.

Downloads/Offline Viewing
You can access unlimited temporary downloads per device (subject to device capacity) for as long as you have an active DisneyLife account. You may only download content in the UK and can access the content downloaded to your device whilst you are in offline mode for up to 30 days.

Available Languages
DisneyLife is available in the UK only in English, certain content within DisneyLife is also available in the following languages: French, German, Italian and Spanish.

This information is correct as of 8th December 2016. From time to time we may update this page, including removing certain devices or operating systems which may no longer be supported or maintained.

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