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What are apps in DisneyLife, and how do I find them?

posted on 2016/09/21

From 28th October 2016, Apps will no longer be part of DisneyLife – but any apps you’ve already downloaded are yours to keep.

We want to focus on the parts of DisneyLife people love most, and use the most. That’s why we’ve decided to remove the Apps section, and concentrate on making the rest of your membership even more magical.

If you have any questions about this, please contact us on 0800 640 6500. We are here 9am–9pm every day.

As well as tons of movies, TV box sets, books and music, DisneyLife gives you access to a selection of Disney apps. You can choose one to download each month on either your Apple ID or Google account. We update our selection sometimes, so there’s always something new for you to try.

You can download your chosen app on all your registered devices, as long as they use the same Apple ID or Google account. 

For more on this, see How do I download apps within DisneyLife?
Once you’ve downloaded your app, it will appear on your device and in DisneyLife.

The apps you didn’t choose will be greyed out – but you may get another chance to download them next month!

Don’t worry, none of the apps available in DisneyLife include in-app purchases.

If you’re having issues with apps in DisneyLife, check out Why aren’t my apps working?


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