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What are the resources in STAR WARS™: Commander?

posted on 2017/07/07

Your Credit Market building is where Credits are made! Check in with them frequently to withdraw Credits, and add them to your Credit Vault.
Storage space is limited in Credit Market. Build more Credit Storage Buildings (Vaults) to hold larger sums of Credits.
If your Credit Market or any Credit Storage Buildings are destroyed in an attack, you will lose some of your stored credits due to damage.


Your Alloy Refinery ensures a steady stream of Alloy from its operations as an inter-galactic transport station. Receive ships and collect their resources frequently to build your Alloy stockpile.
These Alloy parts are used to build new structures, and are collectively called “Alloy.”
Your Alloy Refinery’s cargo area has limited storage space. When your refinery is full, your crew won’t store any additional Alloy.  Upgrade your structures to increase their storage capacity.
If your Alloy Depots are destroyed in an attack, you will lose some of your stored Alloy due to damage. This damage is a percent of stored materials.

Contraband is smuggled in through Contraband Trade Ports. The amount that flows in is based on the level of your trade ports and how many you have.

Contraband can be stored in Contraband Safehouses. Upgrade these buildings to increase their storage capacity.

If your Contraband Safehouses are destroyed in an attack, you will lose some of your stored Contraband due to damage. 

Image of a Contraband Safehouse

STAR WARS™: Commander offers In-App Purchases. These Crystals can be exchanged for Alloy, Credits, and other in-game bonuses.

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