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What is Reputation?

posted on 2016/07/14

Reputation is a form of currency used for Squad Advancement. Spend your earned Reputation to unlock and upgrade Squad Perks.
STAR WARS™: Commander - Reputation

To earn Reputation:
  • Donate Troops: Each squad member can earn 1 Reputation per day by donating troops. A Squad with 30 members can earn 30 Reputation daily.
  • Squad War Victories: Emerge victorious in a Squad War and each participant will receive 10 Reputation. That’s 150 total Reputation among your team of 15!

NOTE: Reputation cannot be purchased and belongs to each Squad member until they choose to invest it in Squad Perk unlocks or upgrades. If a Squad member leaves or joins another Squad, they will be able to bring their unspent Reputation along.

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