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What is Battle mode?

posted on 2018/01/03

Engaging in Battle is the way to earn Data Tapes for the Featured Hero, as well as Hero Upgrades, Credits and more.

Compete against other players to earn the most Battle Points and make your way up the Rank Ladder. A victory earns more Battle Points than a defeat, but defeats still help advance your Rank Tier.

At the end of each event, you’ll receive Data Tapes, Hero Upgrades and XP boosts based upon your final Leaderboard rank tier.

To engage in battle:
  • From the Home screen, tap Battle
  • Tap to Select 3 Heroes
  • Tap Find Match to begin searching for an opponent
  • Once you’re matched with an opponent, the battle will begin
  • Score 25 points for defeating Heroes and 5 points for Troops; first team to reach 200 or the team with the most points when time runs out will claim victory

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