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What's new in Disney Mix?

posted on 2017/02/06

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Version 2.2
Released: November 9, 2016
What's New
Getting in the Mix keeps getting better!
New loud mouth stickers!
Sound off with these stickers! Did we mention your friends will also hear them in their push notifications?

New avatar hats!
You asked for hats, so we go 'em!

Improved Discovery
Stickers are easier to find with search and Official Accounts are more visible.

 Disney Mix 2.1 - Quiz Pals Answer 
Version 2.1
Released: September 28, 2016 
What's New
Getting in the Mix just got better with these new features!
New Games!
Quiz Pals: Take fun personality quizzes and share with your friends!

New Stickers and Memes!
Make your friends laugh with Pickle and Peanut, Futureworm!, and more!

Your Friends
Now you can see your friends’ first name and give them nicknames by swiping left!

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