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What should I do when my gift membership is coming to an end?

posted on 2016/12/08

A gift membership is a great way to enjoy DisneyLife. We will not continue your membership to DisneyLife, unless you ask us to, and we will let you know before your Gift expires through an email.
To see when your gift membership is ending, follow these steps:

  1. Go to DisneyLife.com.

  2. Click Log in.

  3. Select your primary profile.

  4. Click on your Character in the top right corner.

  5. Click the Settings cog at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

  6. Click on Account.

  7. Enter your password.

  8. You will now see your account overview.

On the account overview page you will be able to see when your membership expires. You will also be able to choose to Renew Membership.
If you choose to renew your membership then you will be charged £4.99 per month, from the date your gift expires.
You can also renew your membership after it has expired, to do this:

  1. Go to DisneyLife.com.

  2. Click Log in.

  3. You will see a Welcome Back! message.

  4. Click Renew Membership.

  5. Enter your payment details.

  6. Click Renew Membership.

  7. Your membership will now be renewed.


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