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Which Appisodes are available on Android?

posted on 2016/11/07

Each Disney Junior Appisode is released separately on Android. The following Appisodes are available:

English Appisodes
Appisodes: Road Rally
Image of an Appisode icon
Join Mickey and his pals on their first ever road rally!
But keep an eye out for pesky Pete and his cheatin’ short cuts!
Appisodes: Crystal Mickey
Image of an Appisode icon
When Plunderin' Pete nabs the Crystal Mickey and escapes to his Way-Out-of-the-Way Hideaway, it's up to you to help Kansas City Mickey and his pals get it back to the Clubhouse before it's too late!
Appisodes: Toby the Cowsitter
Image of an Appisode icon
It's milkshake madness when Toby tries to babysit a herd of hungry heifers! Then it's up to you and Callie to wrangle up a couple of no good corn thieves!
Appisodes: Enchanted Science
Image of an Appisode icon
When Sofia and her friends divide into teams to work on their projects, the competition gets combustible, but with your help they'll learn that the secret ingredients in any experiment are teamwork and friendship. 
Appisodes: Hide the Hideout
Image of an Appisode icon
When Hook and Smee close in on Pirate Island it's up to you to help Jake hide the hideout! Then help a hapless Hook get his hooks back from a playful octopus with ticklish tentacles. 
Appisodes: Doc Goes McMobile
Image of an Appisode icon
It's time to check in with Doc McStuffins! You'll help build the DocMobile in Doc McStuffins Goes McMobile, then you'll work side-by-side with Doc as she fixes a fallen fairy in Frida Fairy Flies Again!
Appisodes: Runaway Shuttle
Image of an Appisode icon
When the TTA gets an urgent distress call from Lucky's runaway ice cream shuttle, it's up to the Callistos to save him before he crashes into the volcanic moon IO! So, suit up and join Miles in a space-tastic rescue adventure! 
Appisodes: The Big Sleepover
Image of an Appisode icon
Help Sofia and Baileywick prepare for the first ever royal sleepover, then join in the fun when the other princesses arrive!
Appisodes: Pirate Mummy's Tomb
Image of an Appisode icon
Help Jack and Captain Flynn unearth the mysteries of the Pirate Mummy's Tomb! Then, save the day when you stop Captain Hook from stealing the golden Never Sands of Time!
Appisodes: Kirby and the King
Image of an Appisode icon
Separation anxiety! It's a three-legged-race to Doc's clinic when Sir Kirby and the Evil King get glued together! Help Angus the Karate Kangaroo get over his fear of conflict and hop back in the ring!
Appisodes: Rescue Ronda
Image of an Appisode icon
In this pair of Doc McStuffins adventures you'll help rescue a rescue helicopter and you'll help Boppy get over a bad case of the pricklethorns.
Appisodes: Great aunt-Venture
Image of an Appisode icon
When Aunt Tilly visits Sofia an adventure unfolds! Watch out for the wombeast and keep an eye out for giants!
Mickey & Donald Farm Appisodes
Image of an Appisode icon
When the windy windmill kicks up a storm, you've got to help Mickey and his pals rescue all the farm animals.

Spanish Appisodes
Hokus Krokus
Image of an Appisode icon
Als Sofia und ihre Freunde in verschiedenen Teams an ihren
Projekten arbeiten, entfacht das einen heißen Wettbewerb,
aber mit deiner Hilfe werden sie lernen, dass die
Geheimzutaten eines jeden Zaubertranks Teamwork und
Freundschaft sind.
Aventura Diver-Tia
Image of an Appisode icon
Cuando la tía Tilly visita Encantia, Amber y James se escapan
a la feria. ¡Ahora Sofía y TÚ deben elegir si quieren vivir
La Gran Aventura Diver-Tía! ¡Pero cuidado con el wombur!

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