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Why isn't the DisneyLife player working?

posted on 2016/10/31

Not sure how to play things on DisneyLife? Check out How do I use the player?
If the player isn’t responding, try the following steps. Check after each one to see if the problem has been solved.

Check your internet

•    A slow internet connection could be the problem. So check your location, and the number of devices connected to your network. Both of these can slow things down.  
•    A weak internet connection can also cause issues. Check the strength on your device – if it’s low, try moving closer to your Wi-Fi router.
•    If the issue seems to be with your device, check out What can I do if my app isn’t connecting to the internet?

Check on another device

•    Try another device to see if the problem is the same.

Update your device

Make sure your device is running on the latest version of operating system. To find out more about how to update your device go to your device manufacturer’s website.

To find out more about compatible devices check out Ways to Watch.

If you are using the player on our website please try the steps below, check after each step to see if the issue has been resolved.

Check another browser

•    Try another browser to see if the problem is the same

Check your Silverlight

•    Our player requires Silverlight to stream videos. You can download this from https://www.microsoft.com/silverlight/.
•    You may need to update to the latest version, see Ways to Watch to see what version is required.


‘There must be something wrong with the scream intake valve’
– Jeff Fungus, Monsters, Inc.

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