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Why won't my game load on a computer?

posted on 2017/12/14

Frozen like ice? Crashed like an iceberg? With parent/guardian help, collect the following and reach out to our support team: These reports will let our team know your computer's specifications compared to Club Penguin Island's minimum requirements and also send a log of what occurred with the account.

System Log (DX Diag Report)

For Windows

  1. Open the Start Menu/Search
  2. Type DXDIAG in your search bar
  3. A pop up may ask if you wish to 'check if your Drivers are digitally signed', click Yes. If you see "Run 64-bit DxDiag" at the bottom, please click this.
  4. Click "Save All Information" and save as a .txt format on your desktop so it's easy to find.

For Mac

Follow the steps provided by Apple support here


Player Log

For Windows

  1. Open the Start Menu/Search
  2. Type <Install_Location>/<exe_name>_Data/output_log.txt in your search bar
  3. Copy the file to your desktop
  4. Rename the new file to penguinname.log using your penguin name. For example, "Amykim.log"

For Mac
  1. In Finder, click Go in the top menu
  2. Click Go to Folder
  3. Type ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log
  4. Copy the file to your desktop
  5. Rename the new file to penguinname.log using your penguin name. For example, "Amykim.log"

Waddling on a mobile device? Check out Why won't the game load on my mobile device?

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