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Pigeon Presents Mo...On The Go!

  • iOS

About Pigeon Presents Mo...On The Go!

posted on 2018/01/10

“Mo…On the Go!” lets you dance, draw, take pictures, create monsters, and even drive the bus! As you play, unlock stickers to put in your sticker vault!
Original Release Date: July 2013


  • Apple: iOS 9.0 and newer, iPhone 5 and later, iPod touch 5G and later, iPad 3 and later (including iPad mini)
Note: this app has been placed in a legacy status as there are no plans for future updates. While it may be available and playable on older devices, legacy apps may not run as intended on newer devices or operating systems as they have not been updated for newer technology. ​

Game Features

  • Let the Pigeon drive the bus…in his dreams!
  • Take a "Squillem"—really just a crazy scribble—and turn it into a drawing on your own, with a pal, or with Mo!
  • Create a terrifying—or hilarious—monster with Leonardo, but watch out: it’s alive!
  • Do the Jumbo Gumbo, the Piggie Jiggie, and tons more funky moves in Elephant and Piggie’s Dance-O-Rama!
  • Snap your own pictures or use pictures from Knuffle Bunny and add stickers of all Mo’s favorite characters to them!
  • Collect dozens of stickers!
  • Create special hidden combo dances for Elephant and Piggie. Mo might even stop by for a dance!
  • See how Leonardo and Sam react to your monster creation. Did you scare them?
  • Watch as Mo demonstrates how to transform a scribble into a work of art!
  • Share your masterpieces with friends or store them in your sticker vault.
  • Send Knuffle Bunny postcards to loved ones.
  • And whatever you do…stay away from the Mad Cow!

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