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Are Disney Infinity Play Sets forward compatible with Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes?

posted on 2014/08/01

While the Play Sets aren’t compatible, every Figure, Power Disc, and toy that you unlocked in Disney Infinity are playable in the Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Toy Box. Not only that, all characters now have an increased level cap of 20!
When you place a Play Set Piece on the Base, it unlocks all of the toys from that Play Set. For example, the Toy Story Play Set Piece unlocks all of the toys and gadgets you’ve collected – from Bullseye, Buzz’s wings, and the Hover Pack, to the Pixar ball.

We hope you're enjoying the exciting new adventures in the Toy Box, featuring enhanced gameplay, all-new Marvel-themed items, locations, and props, as well as awesome editing tools that allow you to create unique worlds for all of your characters!

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