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What do I do if I'm having performance issues with Armed and Dangerous?

posted on 2014/06/30

How can I improve the performance of Armed and Dangerous?If you experience performance problems when running Armed and Dangerous, you may want to adjust the following configuration options to increase performance in the game:

Graphics Options
  • Choose a lower resolution
  • Set Texture Quality to Compressed
  • Set Texture LOD to Very low
  • Set Max # Textures to 1
  • Set Model LOD to Very low
  • Set Draw Distance to 50%
  • Disable High Quality Skinning
  • Disable Enable Blurring
  • Disable Enable Bump Mapping
  • Disable Enable Shadows
  • Disable Enable Decals
  • Disable Use Pixel Shaders
Sound Options
  • Set Music Volume to 0 (zero)
  • Set Voice Volume to 0 (zero)
When running Armed and Dangerous on the minimum required system, you may experience the following issues:
  • Stuttering in the voice and sound.
  • Pauses or hitching in the game.
  • Slow downs or stuttering during gameplay.
  • Missing textures.
  • Text displayed as solid blocks.
This occurs most frequently when other programs are running or if your system resources are below 70%. Freeing up system resources may improve performance in the game.  

Armed and Dangerous is dropping to the desktop. I have a controller connected.
The game may drop to the Windows desktop if you have a game controller connected to your system that is using the default Windows drivers. To correct this, use the correct drivers from the controller manufacturer for the controller.

I cannot get my scroll wheel or button 3 on my mouse to work in Armed and Dangerous.
The game natively supports 2 mouse buttons in the game. Mouse wheels are not supported.


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