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Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition – Base Troubleshooting

posted on 2016/03/23

When launching Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition for the first time, you are required to complete a four part tutorial to learn the basics of gameplay. Please note that you must complete the whole tutorial before your Base will start working.

If you've already completed the tutorial and your Base isn't responding, please try the following:
1. Place the Base on a stable, secure, and even surface; ensure that it is not on a metal surface or near any metallic objects.
2. Plug the Base into an alternate USB port.
3. Ensure that the Base is the correct version for the console. The Xbox 360 Base is not compatible with the Xbox One console, and the Xbox One Base is not compatible with the Xbox 360 console. As well, both Xbox Bases cannot be used with a different kind of console.
4. Try a power cycle/hard reset if you use an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4.

If you have tried all of these steps and the Base still isn't responding, please read the article Damaged or Defective Item for your next steps.

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