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Can I get a refund for the Club Penguin membership I purchased online at clubpenguin.com?

posted on 2017/01/30

As of January 31, 2017, Club Penguin recurring memberships will not be renewed, and new memberships will no longer be sold. Any remaining membership will be honored in-game until that membership’s expiration date. For players that have purchased a membership that will last past March 29th, you will automatically receive an appropriate refund for the remaining time after that date.

Please note that refunds may take from 6 to 8 weeks to process. If you were eligible for a refund but have not seen it appear on your statement by March 22, 2017, please contact us for further assistance by clicking the Contact Us button below.
If you purchased your membership on a mobile device with membership time that goes beyond the closure date of March 29, 2017, additional steps are required for your refund. You can find these detailed steps HERE.

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