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Captain Rockhopper

posted on 2014/08/25

"Avast me hearties! This be a prime time for a pirate parade!"
Rockhopper is a pirate captain who comes and goes from Club Penguin, sailing the seas with his puffle Yarr in search of treasure and adventure.
Favorite snacks: Stinky Cheese and Cream Soda
Favorite game: Treasure Hunt
Why you should meet him: To hear one of his tall tales of adventure and collect rare treasure
Where you might find him: Aboard the Migrator, at the Pizza Parlor, or wandering around the island on a pirate parade
When the captain is visiting, his ship is docked at the Beach, next to the Lighthouse. If Rockhopper is on his way to visit, you'll be able see his ship coming through the telescope.
Random fact: Rockhopper built his own pirate ship, the Migrator.
You can find out more about Rockhopper's adventures by reading his journal in the Club Penguin Times Office. Or ask the captain when he comes to visit!

Ever wondered about Captain Rockhopper's favorite pirate activities?

Check out his list of Top 30 Things to do Before You're Twelve!

1. Build yer own pirate ship
2. Find yerself a giant pirate hat
3. Go on a treasure hunt
4. Get yerself a first mate
5. Bury treasure
6. Draw yerself a treasure map
7. Make yerself a fine beard
8. Eat some stinky cheese
9. Donate some coins to a good cause
10. Dance a pirate jig
11. Sing a pirate song
12. Tell a tall tale
13. Battle a mighty creature
14. Learn how to swim
15. Direct yer crew
16. Relax on a beach
17. Name an island after yerself
18. Listen to Anchor's Aweigh
19. Keep a ship's log of yer adventures
20. Draw pictures of ten sea monsters ye've faced
21. Make a bulletin board
22. Make a rare items catalog
23. Make yer own telescope
24. Swab the deck
25. Speak like a pirate fer a day
26. Get yerself a pirate name
27. Crash yer pirate ship and build a bigger one
28. Get yerself an eye patch
29. Make a pirate meal!
30. Make a jar of cookie mix to give to yer mates


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