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What are some tips for building in my Toy Box?

posted on 2014/06/29

For awesome Toy Box tutorial videos, visit:


User-added image Why can’t I edit certain items in the Toy Box I downloaded?
Although you can play and interact with all the items in a downloadable Toy Box, you must have all of the items unlocked yourself in order to edit it.


User-added image I’m stuck in an aerial or side camera mode. How do I exit it?
Hitting the back or select button will remove you from certain camera modes. You can also reset game play using the Start menu.


User-added image Why can’t I highlight this object with my wand?
If an object is too far way for you to use your wand, you can go into Spark Mode from your Build View. Once you are a spark, go to the object to edit it. 

User-added image Why can't I edit my friend's toys in multiplayer mode?
You can only edit toys that you have also unlocked. If your friend comes into your Toy Box, they can edit their own items and items you have both unlocked. Vehicles and mounts can be played during that play session but they will disappear afterward if you haven't unlocked them yet.

User-added image Disney Infinity Hub
After selecting Toy Box Launch, your character will appear on the center pad of the Disney Infinity Hub. Activate the four pads by standing on them and you will open different areas of the game.
  • Red Pad: Opens the Travel menu. Select from Mastery Adventures, Adventures, and Prebuilt Toy Box Worlds. You can also save your current Toy Box or load a previously saved Toy Box.
  • Yellow Pad: Opens the Disney Infinity Vault. Use spins earned in the game to unlock new Toys to use in the Toy Box.
  • Green Pad: Opens the Toy Store. Toys you have already unlocked.
  • Purple Pad: Opens the Hall of Heroes.

User-added image Mastery Adventures
Mastery Adventures are tutorials for the Toy Box and Play Sets. Completing the first available Mastery Adventure unlocks more. The Building Mastery, for example, shows how to create and arrange elements in the Toy Box, while the Combat, Driving and other Mastery Adventures show how to fight, drive, etc. in the Play Sets.


User-added image Disney Infinity Vault
The Vault offers 16 different toys or toy packs at a time. Spins are used for a chance to randomly unlock one of the 16. You can also shuffle the Vault to get a new set of 16 toys to spin for. Spins can be collected from green capsules, completing Mastery Adventures, leveling up your character and earning medals in Character and other Adventures.


User-added image Going to the Play Set from Toy Box
To go to the Play Set from the Toy Box, pause the game and select Quit from the Pause menu. After selecting Yes to confirm, you will arrive at the Disney Infinity main menu. From here, you can select the Play Set you wish to play in. Make sure that you have placed a Play Set piece on your Disney Infinity base and that you have a compatible figure (for example: Lightning McQueen with the Cars Play Set piece).  

NOTE: If you already have a previously saved Play Set game, you can go to the Red (Travel) Pad on the Disney Infinity Hub (or pause the game and select Travel). In the Travel menu, select Load and then the Play Set you wish to play in.



Downloading Disney's Toy Boxes
Check out and play in Toy Boxes designed by the Disney Infinity team:

1. Pause the game to bring up the Pause menu
2. Select Online/Multiplayer, then Toy Box Share
3. Choose Disney's Toy Boxes, then select the desired Toy Box
4. Select Play Now to download and play in the Toy Box
NOTE: In the list of Toy Boxes, a green dot behind the cloud icon in the Toy Box slot indicates that Toy Box has been downloaded and is ready to play

Uploading your own Toy Box
Once you have created your Toy Box, try the following to upload and have it accessible from elsewhere:

1. From the Pause menu, select Online/Multiplayer
2. Select Toy Box Share, then select My Toy Boxes
3. Press the A button (PS3/Wii U) or the X button (Xbox) to select Upload to My Toy Box (here's where you can store it and access it from elsewhere)
4. Upload: "This will upload a new Toy Box under your private content and count towards your 100 slots. Do you want to continue?"; select Yes
5. Enter the name and a short description of your Toy Box; select Accept

Submitting your Toy Box to Disney
Show off your Toy Box creation! Try the following to submit to Disney to be featured:
1. Pause the game to bring up the Pause menu
2. Select Online/Multiplayer, then Toy Box Share
3. Choose Disney's Toy Boxes, then select Submit to Disney
4. Enter a name and description for your Toy Box and Submit

We cannot guarantee that your Toy Box will be featured, but we are excited to see what you create!

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