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Does the console version of the game use Red Bricks?

posted on 2014/06/29

In the printed manuals for the console versions of LEGO® Disney Pirates of the Caribbean, the section describing Loot incorrectly references Red Bricks and their value. The console versions do not feature Red Bricks. The Loot section should read as follows:

  • Gold Bricks – Gold Bricks are earned after completing levels in Story Mode and reaching certain goals, like being hailed a true pirate. Earn enough Gold Bricks to access other areas in the Port and unlock special features.
  • Red Hats – Red Hats unlock special extras, such as stud multipliers and special abilities; they can be found and purchased in the Port. To activate a Red Hat during game play, open the Pause Menu and select Extras.

In the same section, the reference to spend LEGO Studs in the Shop applies to the handheld versions of the game, not the console versions.
  • LEGO Studs – LEGO Studs are scattered throughout LEGO® Pirates of the Caribbean. Collect them and spend them later in the Shop. Collect enough in a level and you will be hailed a true pirate.
We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

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