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posted on 2015/08/14

Dot with binoculars
"I was never here. Agreed?"
Dot is an EPF agent by night and fashion designer by day. Never one to lose her cool, she's prepared for anything that involves stealth and style. In a pinch, she'll whip up an awesome disguise with her elite designing skills.  

Whether leading a team of EPF agents on a dangerous mission or fashionistas down the runway, you can always count on Dot to be remarkable!

Favorite snack: Tuna Surprise
Favorite game: Hide and Seek
Why you should meet her: To learn about the coolest styles for secret agent guys and gals!

Where you might find her: Dot loves to check out the styles at the Clothes Shop and Dance Club. But if she's in disguise, you won't even know she's there!

Random facts:
  • She created the "Klutzy" disguise so agents could infiltrate Herbert's Hideout in Operation Blackout
  • She saved former PSA agents from a popcorn explosion in the mission "Veggie Villain"
  • She likes to create low-tech disguises

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