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General Hints and Tips for Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

posted on 2014/06/29

General Hints and Tips

  • Paint and Thinner are powerful tools in Wasteland. Use Paint to fill in objects and befriend characters. Use Thinner to erase an object and battle enemies. 
  • Seek out the inhabitants of Wasteland; talking to them will give you useful information throughout your journey.
  • Sketches can be turned into objects and some have special powers; they can be found in Wasteland or bought from shops. 
  • Mickey can use Paint to revive a puddled Oswald. Oswald can use a Shock from his remote to bring a puddled Mickey back.

Saving the game: Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two uses an auto-save feature. Game progress is automatically saved at checkpoints and upon completing a level. When the spinning, auto-save indicator icon appears on screen, please do not turn off your system.


Yen Sid recalls how Mickey saved Wasteland with the help of Oswald and thus, a family reunited. As the forgotten toons were in the course of rebuilding their home, a powerful quake struck Wasteland. The Mad Doctor arrives on Mean Street declaring his change of heart and warning of impending doom. Oswald believes the Mad Doctor sincerely wants to help save Wasteland and decides to join him in the effort. In the meantime, Ortensia and Gus head back to the castle, where he constructs a device to bring Mickey back to Wasteland. Mickey is awoken by static and a familiar voice coming from the TV.

Mickey's House

Head over to the living room and approach the TV. Gus tells Mickey Wasteland needs his help. Press the button displayed on screen to jump in.

Yen Sid's Lab

On the other side, Mickey arrives at Yen Sid's lab. Head down the hallway into the main room. Jump up onto the table and use the spin attack on the glass case holding the Sorcerer's Apprentice hat. Collect the hat; the brooms will start marching up the stairs into the next room. Follow the brooms up to the broken stairs. Double jump across the gap, then again to the next level. Continue straight ahead to the mirror and press the action button on screen to jump in.

Mickey will find himself atop rocks that appear to be floating in an ocean. Proceed straight ahead and the rocks will rise. Continue forward and collect the Magic brush. Aim the reticle and hold the paint button to brush the toon rocks ahead to form a trail. Follow the trail of rocks to the bobbing rock platform. Jump on the platform and paint in the next trail. Time the jump carefully and continue filling in the trail with paint. Make sure to paint in the toon stars along the way. Continue up to the topmost rock platform. Approach the mirror and press the action button to jump in.

Mickey's House

Mickey arrives back in his own bedroom. Press the thinner button to spread thinner around Mickey's house. A thinned out door in the kitchen will reveal a white e-ticket. Head over to the living and shoot thinner onto the wall behind the TV. Head through the opening back to Yen Sid's Lab.

Yen Sid's Lab

Proceed forward to the telescope in the center of the room, Use thinner on the base of the telescope to knock it down. The fallen telescope will create walkway to the upper level. Continue left along the upper level. Paint in the wing of the device hanging from the ceiling. Jump up onto the wing and to the base of the device. From this perch, position yourself to face the floating planets.

Use Thinner on the nearest planet. The top half will fall, while the bottom half remains floating and thinned out. Fill in the thinned out half to form a flat-top platform. Jump onto the newly created platform and collect an E-ticket. Repeat the process with the next planet and eventually double-jump over to the balcony. Once inside Yen Sid’s study, Mickey will be presented with a choice to paint in the picture or thin it out. Painting will reveal a red chest containing the Apprentice pin, thinning the painting will uncover a golden E-ticket worth 100 E-tickets. Mickey will then jump through the map and land in Dark Beauty Castle to reunite with Oswald, Ortensia and Gus.

Dark Beauty Castle

Oswald now joins Mickey. Move down the entrance corridor; a quake collapses the floor ahead. Use the Grab and Toss method to have Mickey toss up Oswald, jump on and helicopter glide across the gap. Ortensia calls for them; follow her into the chamber and down the corridor. The corridor collapses, cutting off the route and leaving Ortensia to make her own way to the train station. Follow Gus, he will show the way out. Call Oswald over and toss him up in the air. He will knock down some debris to provide steps up to the balcony. Double jump up and use the spin move on the gears against the wall to open the doors.

Proceed through the doors. Another quake will collapse the floor ahead. Jump down into the level below. Gus points out that the machine holding Oswald's remote has sunken into the thinner. Paint in the lever switch on the machine against the wall behind Oswald's remote. Oswald will throw his Boomarmerang and recover the remote. Once Oswald’s Remote is retrieved, the stones in the archway will collapse revealing an exit. Collect the Bronze pin and proceed through to the next chamber. There is a turnstile in the center. Get on either side, grab the handle and turn slowly to rise to the control room. Head over to the large machine with the big, blue orb on top and the blue control panel to its right.

Oswald will use his Remote on the first machine; firing electricity on the panel until all three lights atop light up. Move across the chamber to the second machine. As Mickey pulls and holds the Mickey-shaped lever on the right, Oswald should fire an electrical blast to charge the two control panels at the same time. Gus indicates that something is not working. Head over to the other machine with the big, red button on top.

Paint in the section of conduit on the wall above the machine. Oswald can now head over, use his remote on this control panel and activate the machine.

The platforms in the center of the chamber will fold out. Jump up the platforms to reach the topmost ledge. Jump over and exit the chamber to the courtyard. On the balcony, open the red chest to collect the Charge It! pin. Jump down to the courtyard. Two spatters will charge to attack. Use thinner to dissolve the enemies or use paint to befriend them. Oswald can stun enemies with his remote using electricity.

After defeating the spatters, another section of the castle will collapse. Head over to the other side of the courtyard, by the large, fallen column. Paint in the chest in the open doorway; open it to collect a silver pin. Return back towards the balcony. Climb up the debris and onto the pointed tower top. Turn right and jump up towards the crumbled landing where Gus is hovering. Use the Grab and Toss method to have Mickey toss up Oswald, jump on and helicopter glide across the gap. From the top of this landing, head down the broken ramp to the other side of the courtyard. The blotworx will attack. Oswald should stun it with electricity, then Mickey can jump onto the red button on its head. Jumping on the button opens the unit and reveals the blotling inside. Use paint or thinner to defeat the enemy. Head over to Gus by the double doors to reach the train station and Ortensia.

In the station, another quake strikes shaking up debris and blocking the train's path. Oswald's secret stash of fireworks is revealed. Pull the fireworks over to the blockage by the tunnel. Call Oswald over to shock and set off the fireworks and clear the path. Mickey and friends will escape the castle as it crumbles.

Mean Street South

Mickey and Oswald arrive to find Wasteland in even worse shape than Mickey ever thought. Gus points out that Jamface is overseeing repairs on the North side and the underground is the only way over.

NOTE: While there are many optional quests to take on and secrets to discover here, this walkthrough will only cover the critical path. Feel free to explore!

To leave Mean Street South, walk over to the Detective Agency and head to the giant manhole cover nearby. Press the action button to enter the Underground and head over to Mean Street North.

Mean Street Underground

Head straight down the tunnel to the landing. Defeat the dropwing while avoiding its thinner bubble attacks. Walk right up to the edge of the thinner pool. Use the Grab and Toss method to have Mickey toss up Oswald, jump on and helicopter glide across the thinner. Make sure to glide over the columns of steam to gain enough altitude to make it across. On the other side of the pool, Gus points out the trapped gremlin to the left. However, there is a blotworx nearby; defeat it first. But approach with caution, as it generates a force field around itself. Call Oswald over to stun it with electricity, then Mickey can jump onto the red button on its head. Use paint or thinner on the blotling inside.

Walk over to the trapped Gremlin; he's surrounded by a force field. Oswald can use his electricity on the control panel above the cage to drop the force field. Then, use a Spin Attack to bust the Gremlin out of its cage. The Purple Gremlin will activate the balloon, which will rise up through the ceiling. From its spot on Mean Street, the balloon can shuttle you back and forth between Mean Streets South and North. Just look for the Purple Gremlin to ride. Now, head through the tunnel and out the door to Mean Street North.

Mean Street North

Jamface meets Mickey, Oswald and Gus upon arrival. He tells them he thinks the projectors broke before the quakes. Jamface instructs Mickey and Oswald to walk over to the D.E.C. entrance and take it to OsTown to talk to Prescott. He then heads over to the other side of town to fix the windmill. Fill in the elevated walkway with paint and continue up to the landing. Double jump up to Mean Street North. Continue straight ahead down Mean Street to the Walt statue, where Jamface is waiting. He says the entrance to the D.E.C. lies just beyond the Construction area. but there is another entrance through the windmill. Jamface can fix the windmill, but he needs 50 pieces of scrap metal.

Visit the Usher at the Cinema; he says the movies aren't screening because there's no power. Exit the Cinema and climb up onto the roof above. Have Oswald use electricity on the fuse box against the wall there. Jump back down; enter the Cinema and talk to the Usher. He will present Mickey with 25 pieces of scrap metal.

Visit Paulie at the Ice Cream Parlor; he offers to pay Mickey in scrap metal if he can fix the air conditioner. Exit the Ice Cream Parlor and climb onto the roof above. Paint in the pipes on the sides of the air conditioner. Once the air conditioner is fixed, have Oswald use electricity on the control panel to turn it on. Jump back down; enter the Ice Cream Parlor and talk to Paulie. He will present Mickey with 25 pieces of scrap metal.

Now that Mickey has (at least) 50 pieces of scrap metal, head back to Jamface by Walt's statue. Offer him the scrap metal to repair the windmill. Once Jamface has fixed it, head over to the Windmill. Use the Windmill door to enter. After sliding down from the windmill, the D.E.C. Entrance hatch is directly ahead on the floor. Press the action button to enter.

D.E.C. Entrance

After entering the D.E.C., push the battery sphere right across the playing card ramp and into the red target circle in front of the machine. The balloon platform will be activated. Jump onto the balloon platform and up to the next level. Jump right off the balloon platform to the blue book ledge and onto the wooden platform with the control panel. Have Oswald use electricity to activate it. Two mechanical arms will peddle the wooden platform right along the rope. When it stops, jump right and use thinner on the locomotive blocking the path. Continue right, jumping across the three tires and landing on the alphabet blocks. Double jump right to the platform ahead and push the sphere off to the level below. Push the sphere into the red target circle to activate the wind-up toy turtle. As it races along, a mechanical arm will fling pies at the judge's face and lift the door. Continue right across the red target circles to the elevator to OsTown.


Mickey, Gus and Oswald arrive in OsTown to find an angry Prescott and thinner spraying all over due to a mishap caused by Goofy. To fix the projectors, the thinner will have to be drained. Mickey will receive the Fairy sketch. Talk to Goofy, he will tell Mickey the location of two of the pumps. One is on the roof of Ortensia's house. Jump up onto the red house and walk across to Ortensia's. The pump will be sitting on a crate on her roof. Push the pump down to the ground below. Drag it over to one of the pump stations near the fountain. Have Oswald use electricity to activate the pump.

Next, follow Goofy to the second pump in a stream of thinner (by Moody's house). Aim at the pump and use the Fairy sketch to lift it out of the stream. Once it's in the air, use paint to push it over the ground on the other side of the stream. Drag it over to one of the pump stations near the fountain. Have Oswald use electricity to activate the pump. The third pump is on top of the Gag Factory. Jump on the bellows on the side of the building and onto the Gag Factory. Push the pump down and drag into the last pump station; Oswald should use his electricity to activate.

The thinner pool will drain and reveal a hatch that leads to the D.E.C. Access Area. Before leaving, talk to Goofy; he'll present Mickey with the "Pump it Up" pin. Head back to the hatch; get on either side, grab the handle and turn to lower down.

D.E.C. Access Area

After entering the D.E.C., continue right to the springboard. The springboard will launch Mickey up to an alphabet block; walk right across the warped record. Continue under the horn to the Mickey springboard. From the springboard, jump right to the TRON pinball machine. Have Oswald use his electricity on the control panel there to lift the flippers on the machine. Jump up the flippers and then right to the big, red knob. Bounce right to the alphabet block, then thin out the bottom of the red and blue rocket. Proceed right over the biplane to the next warped record. Hop on the springboard, and catapult right onto the mallet. Continue right over the lunchboxes and the cassette to the planks leading to Grumpy's mouth. Press the action button to take the elevator to Rainbow Falls.

Rainbow Falls

Proceed straight ahead to find Gus by a magical Ink Well. The Ink Well contains Invisible Ink that turns Mickey invisible. Mickey must walk while covered in Invisible Ink or the Ink will slide off. Jump into the Ink Well to turn invisible, then walk (slowly) right around the corner. A large Security Eye is perched above the door; continue slowly to walk past the Eye. If the Ink slides, off the eye will spot Mickey and shut the door. In the next room, spin attack the lock on the door straight ahead to open it. Walk through and head right down the stone steps. A geyser of paint will rise and fall. Jump on when the geyser is at its low point, then from the geyser double jump off to the other side. On the left, spray thinner on the stone walls next to the purple crystals to reveal a trapped blue gremlin. Have Oswald use electricity on the control panel, then spin attack the cage to free the gremlin. He says there is a secret area above the large balancing rock.

Continue ahead to the next geyser, double-jump onto the geyser at its low point. When it reaches its highest point, jump left across to the ledge that leads to the Stairstep Falls. Defeat the sweepers guarding the area in front of the Stairstep Falls while avoiding their thinner attacks. After they are both defeated, use thinner on the stone wall to the left of the Stairstep Falls. The wall will crumble and create a stone bridge path. Jump up onto the makeshift stone bridge and walk to the top. On top of the falls, there is an Ink Well filled with Indelible Ink. When covered with it, Indelible Ink will protect Mickey from thinner. Like Invisible Ink, if he moves too quickly or is hit by an enemy, the Ink will fall off. After dipping in the Ink, walk slowly through the thinner falls behind the Ink Well. On the other side, paint the ledge on the edge. From there, double jump over to the large balancing rock.

Try to move to the middle of the balancing rock to level it out and prevent it from tipping over into any one direction. Move ahead and paint in the edge of the ledge in front of the The Prince and Snow White doors. Jump over to the ledge and move close to the door. Stand on one side of the door, while Oswald moves to the other. Mickey and Oswald need to push together the Prince and Snow White to open the door to the Projector Substation.

Walk past the big, round machine in the center and head over to the smaller Goofy machine overlooking the falls. Pull the Mickey lever on the machine. Oswald will use his electricity on the control panel to activate it. The funnels will extend from the walls and capture the multicolored paint from Rainbow Falls, fillng the tubes and channels toward the substation. Small Pete says he's been working to fix the projectors since the quake. The pipe behind the fan needs to be shut off. Head over to the long tube by the couplings spewing out paint. Paint in the thinned gears on the right side of the hanging platforms to make it drop; lifting up the left platform. Push the tube towards the left to snap into the coupling. Grab the handle on the side of the coupling and push it toward the large machine in the center of the chamber. Next, jump onto the rising platform and take it to the upper level. Walk off the platform and onto the ledge to the tube leaking thinner. Grab the handle on the left side and push it until the tube is sealed. Take the platform back to the ground level and head towards the large, spinning fan against the wall. Use a watch sketch to slow down the fan and jump through to the other side. Perform a spin move on the valve on the tube near the back. Exit out of the chamber and head over to the giant, round machine in the center. Pull the Mickey lever that is now accessible on the big, round machine. A control panel will rise and Oswald will use his electricity to activate it. The projectors should now be fixed throughout Wasteland. Enter through the projector screen under the blue angel to head towards the Angel Side of Rainbow Caverns.



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