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What do I do if I see the error message "Oops! Your account needs attention"?

posted on 2014/08/20

Upon attempting to sign into a Disney or Disney-affiliated website, the following error message appears:

Oops! Your account needs attention.
Disney Infinity

This error message appears when signing into a Disney or Disney affiliated website using an email address that has multiple accounts associated with it, but none designated as the primary. One of the accounts registered to the email address needs to be designated the primary account. 
NOTE: The other Disney accounts will still be accessible; however, the designated account will be considered the primary.
To resolve the issue:

1. Click on the Manage your account link below the error message.
2. Enter the email address to be registered and click Continue.
3. A message will be sent to that email address with instructions for managing the associated accounts.
4. Open the email message and click on the Disney Account Help link. 
5. From the resulting window, you can view the Disney Accounts associated with your email address.
6. Click the Set as primary account button next to the account to be designated the primary.
7. You should now be able to sign into the Disney Infinity site or any other Disney affiliated website.  


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