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How do Game Center Achievements work?

posted on 2014/06/29

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Try the following to gain some awesome Game Center Achievements:
When Life Gives You Lemons - Complete all levels in "When Life Gives You Lemons."
Make Lemonade - Collect all stars in "When Life Gives You Lemons."
Fanning the Flames - Complete all levels in "Fanning the Flames."
Full Burn - Collect all stars in "Fanning the Flames."
Growing Pains - Complete all levels in "Growing Pains."
All Grown Up - Collect all stars in "Growing Pains."
How'd That Get There? - Find a buried item in a level.
Treasure Hunter - Find 10 buried items.
Bonus Time - Find enough buried items to unlock a bonus level.
Water Wise - Beat a level with exactly 20 drops of water.
Surprise! - Surprise Mickey with Red Fizzle 20 times.
Startled - Destroy 50 stars.
Efficient Cut - Dig with two fingers at once in a level.
Not a Quitter - Retry the same level 8 times.
Fizzle Out - Completely destroy all clouds in a level using Red Fizzle.
Switched Off - Destroy 20 switches with Red Fizzle.
Clearing - Kill 50 plants with Red Fizzle.
Green Thumbs - Grow 50 plants to full height.
Water U Doing? - Surprise Goofy with water 20 times.
Hot Soup - Convert water to Fizzle using Fizzle Weeds 50 times.
Sandbox - Play in the "Van Goofy" sandbox.
Daily Dose - Return to the game for 3 consecutive days.
Speed Demon - Complete an entire episode in less than one hour.
Cleanliness - Dig away every single bit of dirt in a level while solving it.
Notified - Launch the game in response to a push notification.
Not a drop - Lose all the water in the level 20 times.


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