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How can I reset my Disney Careers password?

posted on 2017/05/11

Forgot your Disney Careers password? Hakuna matata. Let's get you back in!

Note: if you have locked your Disney Careers account with too many login attempts, then you will wait a few hours for your account to unlock.
We also recommend clearing your web browser's cache before trying again.

1. You can start the process from two main areas of the Disney Careers site:
User-added image If you have found a job listing you are interested in, you can click Apply near the top of the listing...
User-added image
... and then click Forgot Username or Password

User-added image

User-added image If you are checking the status of an application, you can click the View Dashboard button at the top right of the page...

User-added image
... and then click Forgot Username or Password on the right side of the page.

User-added image


2. Select I don't know my password, enter the Username for your account, and click Continue:
User-added image

3. A confirmation will appear on the next page and a password recovery email will be sent to the email address associated with your account
User-added image

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