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How do I cancel my membership on computer?

posted on 2018/01/19

To cancel a membership purchased through the website, click here. You will need to login with the user name and password of the account that has the membership in order to cancel.

Note: deleting a Club Penguin Island account will not cancel active membership subscriptions. If your child's account was deleted prior to canceling, you will need to reactivate it by using the "Forgot Username" feature before continuing with the steps below. Should you need assistance, please reach out to our support team via the Contact Us button near the bottom of the page.


To Cancel

1. Login to the penguin with the membership subscription on Club Penguin Island website
2. Click on the arrow next to the penguin's portrait and select My Profile
Screenshot of CPI Penguin drop down options on web with an outline around the My Profile option

3. Click on Member
screenshot of CPI My Account page with outline around Member

4. Click Manage Membership to go to the Account Management page
5. Click Cancel Subscription
Screenshot of CPI Account Management page with outline around Cancel Membership

6. Select a reason for cancellation from the drop down menu and click Yes, Cancel
Screenshot of CPI pop up for cancellation: including reason for cancellation, and yes/no buttons

The membership will show as cancelled on the Account Management screen and provide the end date for the remaining paid time. Your child will still have full access until the current paid time has expired.

Screenshot of CPI Account Management page with an outline around the Cancelled/Expiry notification

  • For steps on canceling a membership purchased on an Android device, click here
  • For steps on canceling a membership purchased on an Apple device, click here.

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