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How do I change my language on the DS and 3DS?

posted on 2014/06/29


Follow the directions below to change the language option in the game:

1. Insert the LEGO® Pirates of the Caribbean game card into the Nintendo DS card slot and turn the Power switch ON.
2. Launch the game; at the Main menu, select the last listing (e.g., Options, Opciones, etc.).
3. In the Options menu, tap on the third listing.
4. Tap on the desired language (English).
5. The game should now be displayed in English.


1. At the main menu, scroll over to and tap on the System Settings menu (wrench) icon.
2. From the System Settings menu, tap on the Other Settings menu (yellow wrench) icon.
3. Scroll right to page 4 or tap on "4" at the top of the touch screen.
4. Tap the first option (Language).
5. Tap the desired language, then tap on OK at the bottom of the touch screen.

6. Tap on Back to return to the System Settings menu.
7. Tap on Close to exit to the main menu.

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