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How do I create a new account?

posted on 2016/11/17

Ready to visit Club Penguin Island?
You can pre-register your new penguin name before the worldwide launch of Club Penguin Island. You’ll even receive special items when the game launches!

To pre-register your new penguin name:
1. Visit our pre-registration page and click Login/Register
2. Click Create New (If you already have a Disney account, you can Sign In and go to Step 4)

Image of the account sign in screen.

3. Enter the following info, and tap Sign In when you're done
  • Your first name
  • Your parent’s email address
  • Your username (This is for logging into your account. You’ll choose your penguin name soon)
  • Your password
4. Click the checkmark when asked if you have a Club Penguin account

Image asking if you have a CP account

5. Type in your Club Penguin name and password

Image of the CP login screen

6. Choose your Club Penguin Island name

Image of the penguin name selection screen
Now that you have your account, you can sign in once Club Penguin Island becomes available in your area. Your penguin will be waiting for you!

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