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How do I create a console user profile?

posted on 2014/06/29

If you are sharing Disney Infinity with family or friends on the same gaming console, PS3™, Xbox 360®, and Wii U™ can accommodate several players to each have their own user profiles. To enjoy your own personalized Disney Infinity experience, make sure to log into your user profile before playing Disney Infinity. You will have access to your Disney Infinity Toy Boxes, saved Play Set game progress, character level progress and more!
NOTE: In multiplayer mode, only one gamer profile can be connected to Disney Infinity to gain experience points at a time. The second player profile will not gain experience points or unlock items.
PS3™ system
1. From the PS3 menu, go to Users.
2. Scroll to your profile and press the X button to select.
3. Once you are logged into your profile, go to Game and scroll to Disney Infinity.
4. Press the X button to start playing with your profile.

Xbox 360®
1. From the Xbox Dashboard, go to Social.
2. Move the Left Stick to highlight Sign In or Out and press the A button to select.
3. Choose your profile and press the A button; if prompted, enter your password. 
4. Once you are logged into your profile, go to Home and select Disney Infinity.
5. Press the A button to start playing with your profile. 


Wii U™
1. From the Wii U Menu (GamePad or TV), select the current user icon in the top-left corner of the screen to go to the user-selection screen.
2. Using the Left Stick, highlight the user you wish to switch to and press the A Button to select.
3. Once you are logged in as your Mii profile, tap the Disney Infinity game disc icon on the GamePad screen to start playing with your profile.

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