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How do I download content from Xbox LIVE® Marketplace?

posted on 2014/06/29

To download game content from Xbox LIVE® Marketplace on an Xbox 360® console, the following is required:
  • Xbox LIVE® account
  • Xbox 360® console with an internet connection
Take the following steps to access exclusive Disney Interactive downloadable game content:
1. Go to My Xbox; select Game Marketplace.
2. Select Explore New Games, then scroll to Add-Ons & Extras.
3. Select Add-Ons; scroll to Titles A-Z and select the letter of the game's title.
4. Scroll down to the title you wish to download content for and select.
5. In the game's menu, scroll over to Extras.
6. Choose the game content to download, then select Confirm Download.
7. After your game content has been downloaded and installed, return to My Xbox and launch the game to access the downloaded content.

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