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How do I learn more about other penguins?

posted on 2015/05/28

Every penguin has a Player Card. Use the icons on the bottom of their card to learn more about them!
  • Click on another penguin to open their Player Card.

    Player Card

  • Send a friend request by clicking the Friends icon. When your request is accepted, the penguin will be added to your Friends list.
  • To find out which room a friend is in when they're online, click the question mark.
  • Visit your friend's igloo by clicking their igloo icon.
  • Send someone a postcard by clicking the envelope icon.
  • Check out a penguin's Stamp Book by clicking on the stamp icon.
  • If another penguin is breaking the Club Penguin Rules, report them to a moderator by clicking the moderator icon.
  • If another penguin is being mean to you, you can ignore that player by clicking the ghost icon on their Player Card. You'll no longer be able to see them, or anything they type.

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