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How do I finish the mission Operation: Spy & Seek?

posted on 2015/06/25

Agents – make sure you have about 45 minutes of free time to complete Operation: Spy & Seek. If you have to quit and come back, your progress won't be saved.

Good luck!


Operation Spy & Seek - Start Screen

1. Click on G to begin the briefing for your mission. Remember - if you have any other questions throughout your mission, you can always return to the HQ and click on G to talk to him again.

G in lab

2. Before you leave HQ put the three transmitters, the deflated duck, and G's plans for a kite in your inventory.

Items for your inventory

3. Open your map - there are three red "X's" marked where G wants you to place the transmitters. 

CP - Map

4. You need to find string, paper, and sticks to help you construct a kite. Start looking at the Ski Lodge. There are two penguins there that have lost some Find Four pieces. Be a good Secret Agent and offer to help find them.

Penguins playing game  Game pieces

5. While looking for the game pieces you'll find some string under the carpet in the Attic of the Ski Lodge. After you find all the game pieces, head back downstairs and give them to the penguins. Go to the Forest to see if there are any sticks lying around. When you find them, remember to put them in your inventory.

User-added image

6.  Combine the sticks, string, and paper plans to make a kite. They need to be put into the far right inventory box in order to create the kite. Add a transmitter and take the kite to the red "X" on the Mountain. Remember, one transmitter needs to be as high in Club Penguin as possible. Attach the transmitter to the sign post.

Sticks for inventory  User-added image  Combined items with tracker Transmitter

7. While exploring the Dock you'll meet another penguin who needs help. To start the boat, try giving the brown handle a quick pull by clicking on it and pulling it with your mouse. Ask the penguin at the Dock whether you can borrow his pump before you leave and put it into your inventory.

Pull handle  Pump

8. Visit the Plaza next and talk to the penguins and their puffles. The blue puffle will have a mishap with his bubblegum and the penguins will ask for your help cleaning it up. To get them out of this sticky situation, click your mouse around and between them to collect the gum. Be sure to pick up the gum and put it in your inventory.


9. The gum will come in handy to fix the deflated duck. Put the gum into the same inventory box as the duck. Now that the hole is fixed you can use the pump to inflate it. Click the pump and combine it with the repaired rubber ducky. Use your mouse to pump air into the duck by moving the pump handle up and down.

Pump, rubber ducky, and gum

10. When the duck has been inflated, combine it with a transmitter, and take it to the Iceberg. When you arrive at the Iceberg, place it in the water. Placing the transmitter on the duck will ensure that it doesn't get wet. 

Transmitter 2

11. There is still one transmitter left. This one needs to be as low on the island as possible. Go to the Mine Shack to look around. Rory is working hard, maybe you should give him a hand? Click on the middle of the Mine Shack to climb up and help.

Can I help?  Rory - instructions

12. The bottom trough on the Mine Shack is angled the wrong way. To change the angle of the trough, the wood supports need to be moved. Move the flat bottom support to the left. Then pull the middle upright support down as far as it will go. Move the flat top support to the right and then pull the upright middle support up again. Move the bottom flat support to the right a bit and pull the left upright support all the way down. Tip the trough down on the left to complete the job.

Trough 1  Trough 2  Trough 3  Trough 4  Trough 5

13. Rory needs some help welding a damaged cart as well. Flip the mine cart upright and click the mask and welder to begin. Click and hold the welder to repair the cart. The welder is red hot so be careful to follow the cracks closely!

Mine cart repair

14. Now that the mine cart has been fixed you can use it to send the transmitter underground. Put the last transmitter in the cart and send it off.

Transmitter 3 - Mine cart

15. G is calling! You better head back to Headquarters and see what he wants. Put the Binoculars 3000 in your inventory and go to the Ski Lodge. You'll have the best view of Herbert and Klutzy's campsite from the Ice Fishing pond. Put on the Binoculars 3000 to get a better view of what Herbert and Klutzy are up to across the lake.

Binoculars 3000  Binoculars 3000 at Pond  Herbert's site

16. G will ask you to visit Herbert and Klutzy's campsite after they leave and create a surveillance camera. Visit the campsite by clicking on the far shore.

17. When you arrive, combine the Binoculars 3000 and the lost Spy Phone together to make a surveillance camera. The camera will need to be hidden in a tree with a good view of the campsite. Try placing the surveillance camera on the trees around the campsite to see which one has the best view.

  Binoculars 3000

18. When the camera has been hidden head back to HQ right away.

Herbert and Klutzy  G - Found camera  G - Thank you

19. G will show you some interesting footage of Herbert and Klutzy's campsite. Although Herbert found your camera, you were able to collect some important clues for your next assignment. Collect your Stealthy Spy Surveillance Medal and a Box of Chocolates.

Great job, Agent! As always - Be remarkable, be resourceful, be ready!


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