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How do I fix video and sound issues in Jedi Knight Jedi Academy?

posted on 2014/07/01


I am experiencing graphical issues when running the program in 16-bit resolution versus the 32-bit resolution.

The program is optimized for 32-bit color. We have provided the option to play in 16-bit color in order to accommodate users with lower end systems or graphics cards to enhance performance. When playing in 16-bit color, you may experience various graphics issues in the game.

Low-end Graphics Card Issues

When using a low-end graphics card, you may experience the following issues when playing the game:
  • Performance may be slow in some areas
  • You may see flickering graphics.
  • Textures may be missing or they may display incorrectly
  • You may experience poor performance or lock ups after selecting any Screen Resolution above 1024x768. If this occurs, we recommend that you select a lower resolution.
The screen is flashing white or yellow during gameplay using an ATI Radeon display card.
To address this issue:
1. Go to the Setup option in the main menu.
2. Click on the More Video menu.
3. Set the Dynamic Glow option to OFF.

The volumetric shadows are not appearing properly when I run it in 16-bit mode.
Volumetric Shadows may not display properly in 16-Bit color mode. If you experience this problem, please set your color mode to 32-Bit. Please note, however, that both Volumetric Shadows and 32-Bit Color mode are only recommended for high performance computer systems.



How do I adjust the sound volume in the game?
To adjust the sound volume:

1. Select Setup from the Main Menu.
2. Click on Sound.
3. Click on the Music, Effects or Voice volume sliders to adjust the volume levels.

Why is there no sound in the game's launcher?
The game's Launcher may occasionally have no sound. When this happens, it usually affects the rest of the game. Windows may still be using your sound card from the last application you were running. Rebooting the computer should correct this. If rebooting does not correct this, your sound card may not be set up correctly in Windows. Please check the rest of this section to see how to check and see if your sound card is working correctly.

Note: If the Media Player is not installed, some of the following instructions will not work. If you want to add it, please consult Windows Help for assistance. Just type Media Player in the index section and follow the directions provided by Windows.




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