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How do I purchase membership for Club Penguin Island?

posted on 2017/04/07

You can purchase your child membership to Club Penguin Island through the following steps:
1. Tap the About Membership button on the main menu.

Image of the Club Penguin Island menu screen

2. Tap Confirm Free Trial. (If you've already been a member, the button will be called Membership).

Image of the Confirm button

3. If you're not logged in, enter the Disney Account username and password used for Club Penguin Island. (If you're already logged in, you'll automatically skip to the next step).
4. Select your age.
5. Tap Confirm Free Trial. 

Image of the membership sign up screen.

Woohoo! Your child is now a Club Penguin Island member. They'll be able to wear their custom styles, take part in Adventures, and gain access to exclusive items!

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