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How do I play Card-Jitsu Snow in the Club Penguin app?

posted on 2014/10/31

Card-Jitsu Snow is a three-player, multiplayer game and currently only available to play on iPad devices. Card-Jitsu Water and Fire are not available on the app.

To play Card-Jitsu Snow in the Club Penguin app you must be signed into your Club Penguin account. You'll also need an internet connection. To locate the game:

1. Open Map
2. Switch to games view by tapping the button on the bottom left corner
3. Select Card-Jitsu Snow


  • Touch Battle on the Card-Jitsu Snow Main Menu
  • Select your element and touch Battle when ready
  • You'll be paired with other players
  • Move your penguin within striking distance of the enemies and click the check mark when ready
  • Avoid enemy attacks
  • Win Rounds to unlock new levels, items and movies

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