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Inside Out Thought Bubbles

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How do I play?

posted on 2017/08/25

In Inside Out Thought Bubbles, your goal is to clear the grid of memories with the help of Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear.

Tap and drag to aim the Launcher at two or more orbs of the same color to make a match:

Aim Launcher

Use the sides of the grid to angle the Launcher:

Angle Launcher

Tap the Launcher to change the next color:

Change Color

The Launcher displays how many orbs you have remaining:

Orbs Left

See how many orbs you have left to clear at the top of the screen:

Orbs left to clear

Clear orbs in your Emotion's color to charge their power-up:

Charge Power-up

Tap their power-up when it's fully charged:

Power Up Charged

Tap and drag the Launcher to aim:

Tap and Drag Aim Power-up

Learn about other power-ups in What are the different power-ups?

Learn about orbs in What are the different types of orbs?

Learn about level types in What are the different levels?

Learn about collecting prizes in How do I unlock Prize Boxes?

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