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Moana Island Life

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How do I play Moana Island Life?

posted on 2017/01/26

Here are some hints and tips to get you started in Moana Island Life, Wayfinder!
How do I build Farm Plots?
Tap the Build button in the bottom left.

Moana Island Life - Build button

Tap the Farm Plot button. Touch and drag the plot to the location you would like to place it.

Moana Island Life - Farm Plot

Tap the green check mark to confirm.

Moana Island Life - Confirm
How do I plant and harvest palm leaves, bamboo and more?
Tap a bare Farm Plot
Touch and drag items to plant onto the plot

Moana Island Life - Plant Bamboo and Palm Leaves

Once your plant has grown, tap the plot.
Touch and drag the hoe over the plots to harvest.

Moana Island Life - Harvest


How do I perform Village Trades?
Tap the Community Hut to enter.

Moana Island Life - Community Hut

Harvest or track down and provide the villagers with the items they seek and you will reap the rewards in coins, stars and more!

Moana Island Life - Village Trades


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