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The Art of Coloring by Disney

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How do I play in the Art of Coloring by Disney?

posted on 2016/08/30

Here are some tips to help you get started in the Art of Coloring by Disney.

Menu Bar:

The Art of Coloring by Disney - Basics
  • Pages - Tap the Pages icon in the top left to return to the main screen
  • Undo/Redo - Tap the arrows in the top right to undo the last action (left arrow) or redo the current action (right arrow)
  • Trash - Tap the Trash icon to clear the coloring from the image and start over
  • Check Mark - Tap the Check Mark in the top right to share your creation with friends and family via Facebook and Twitter
The Art of Coloring by Disney - Coloring

  • Tap an area in the picture to fill in with color, shades or gradients
  • Tap and hold to reuse a color you've already applied to your image
  • Pinch and spread with two fingers to zoom in and out

Palettes, Shades and Gradients:
  • Tap the Colors button in the bottom left to choose from Inspired Palettes, Shades and Gradients
  • Inspired Palettes - Contain complete color palettes from many classic Disney films
  • Shades - Contain a variety of colors, grouped from light to dark
  • Gradients - Provide a color range inside a specific area and will add depth to your images

  • Tap the Filters button in the bottom left to choose from textural and artistic effects to apply to your images
  • To remove a filter, tap the Filters button and select "No Filter" on the bottom left

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