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How do I play the mini games?

posted on 2016/09/29

You can start playing games with friends by tapping on the game controller/paintbrush icon at the bottom of your chat window and selecting one of the following games:

Quiz Pals – Want to know which Disney character you're most like or other fun facts? Take a quiz in Quiz Pals!

To play:

1. Tap the Quiz Pals (question mark) icon.
2. Scroll up and down to view Categories. Tap a category to take a quiz.
3. Tap the quiz title to start (for example: "Which Inside out emotion are you?")

Disney Mix - Quiz Pals

4. Tap to select your responses. Once you've answered all the questions, you will see the results!

Disney Mix - Quiz Pals: Results


Fun tip: Pick the answer you most agree with without overthinking it!

Spike – Race through levels to find gems, then share your achievements with each other!

To play:
1. Tap Spikes
2. Select Play Random Level or Create Level
3. Follow the on-screen instructions

Fun tip: Hold down on the screen to bring your jumps closer together.
Image of the game Spikes
Cards of Doom – Enter a fortuneteller’s tent, watch as the cards are dealt, then select two cards to send to your friend. Watch as your friend chooses a card and seals their fate!
To play:

1. Tap Cards of Doom
2. Select two cards
3. Tap the check mark to confirm your choices

Fun tip: If you don’t like the cards you are dealt, you can shake your device to draw new ones!
Image of the game Cards of Doom

Fireworks – Create a spectacular fireworks show to share with your friends!
To play:

1. Tap Fireworks
2. Select a theme – Disney, Frozen, or Big Hero 6!
3. Tap Create a Show

Fun tip: You can draw your own fireworks by dragging your finger along the sky space while creating a fireworks show.
Image of the Fireworks game 

Writer's Block – Create a word, provide a hint, then send it to your friend. They have seven tries to guess your word!
To play:

1. Tap Writer's Block
2. Enter a word
3. Provide a hint to help your friends guess the answer

Fun tip: Can't think of a word to send? You can tap the dual arrow icon on the top left of the game screen for some fun Disney-themed word ideas!

Image of the Writer's Block game


Meme Machine – Create Disney themed memes to share with your friends.

To play:

1. Tap Meme Machine
2. Select an image you would like to use to create your meme
3. Tap Add Caption to enter your message on the top, bottom, or both
4. Tap Send

Image of the Meme Machine game

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