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How do I save my progress on the Wii in The Clone Wars?

posted on 2014/07/01

STAR WARS™ Clone Wars for Nintendo Wii is not saving my progress.
To ensure that your progress is saved, follow these directions:

1. Re-enter the game.
2. Select the same options for game type that you used for the game previously.
3. Do NOT click Continue In the Select Chapter screen.
4. Use the big White Arrows on either side of the picture to scroll through the chapters you've completed.
5. Select the last chapter you did.
6. Now click Continue.

This will put you into the game where you left off previously!

I can't play my Wii game because it asks for a parental code.
This is due to the parental controls on the Wii itself. Please refer to your Wii manual or contact Nintendo for assistance.


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