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How do I set up my Figures and Base on the Nintendo 3DS?

posted on 2017/04/18

Disney Infinity

User-added image Setting Up the Disney Infinity Base:
1. Once removed from the packaging, turn the Disney Infinity Base over and open the battery compartment. Insert three (3) AAA/R03 (1.5V) batteries, into the battery compartment of the Disney Infinity Base bottom and close the compartment.
2. The Disney Infinity Base needs to be placed on a stable, secure and even surface near the Nintendo 3DS, so that the infrared transceiver can be aligned. Do not place on metal surfaces, or have metallic objects nearby.
User-added image Using the Disney Infinity Base:
1. The Disney Infinity Base does not have a switch to turn it on/off. The Disney Infinity Base is automatically awakened when in communication with the game, via the infrared transceiver.
2. The Disney Infinity Base only communicates with the game when the game is placed in specific Scan modes.
a. In the game, navigate to the Scan Menu.
b. Select Scan.
c. Position the Disney Infinity Base and the Nintendo 3DS so that the infrared transceiver are aligned.
d. Place a Disney Infinity Figure on the Circle spot of the Disney Infinity Base.
e. The Disney Infinity Base should light up, indicating a Disney Infinity Figure is detected.
3. Equip your character with additional powers using the Disney Infinity Power Discs.
a. Equip your characters with bonuses by placing up to two Power Discs on the Circle spot beneath your Disney Infinity Figure.
b. Place Hex Power Discs or play set pieces on the Hexagon spot to unlock new content in the catalog.


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