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What are Sparks, Stars, and Spins?

posted on 2014/08/01

Sparks are glowing blue orbs that you collect as you play through the Play Sets. They help level up your characters.

Complete Missions to earn Stars, which then build up the Hall of Heroes:

Disney Infinity - Hall Of Heroes

Stars also grant you Spins, which can be used in the Toy Box Vault to collect more toys!

The Vault offers 16 different toys or toy packs at a time. Spins are used for a chance to randomly unlock one of the sixteen. You can also shuffle the Vault to get a new set of 16 toys to spin for.

Spins can be collected from green capsules, completing Mastery Adventures, leveling up your character, and earning medals in Character and other Adventures.

Disney Infinity - Green Capsule

Mastery Adventures are tutorials for the Toy Box and Play Sets. Complete the first available Mastery Adventures to unlock more.

The Building Mastery, for example, shows how to create and arrange elements in the Toy Box, while the Combat, Driving and other Mastery Adventures show how to fight, drive, etc. in the Play Sets.



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