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How do I start playing Kinect STAR WARS™ for the Xbox 360?

posted on 2014/07/22

How do I change my online safety settings?
To set safety settings:

1. While saved into a profile, press the Xbox Guide button on your Xbox 360 Controller.
2. Navigate back to the Xbox 360 Dashboard.
3. At the Xbox 360 Dashboard, navigate to the “Settings” channel.
4. Select “Privacy.”
5. Select “Change Settings.”



How do I change the Locale and Language settings on my Xbox 360?

To change locale and language settings on your Xbox 360 console:

1. Press the Xbox Guide button on the Xbox 360 Controller.
2. On the Settings menu, select System Settings.
3. On the System Settings menu, select Console Settings.
4. On the Console Settings menu, select Language and Locale.


How do I save a game?
Kinect Star Wars saves your game automatically at certain points (when you complete menu selections and when you complete a level of gameplay). An icon will appear on screen during save mode.

Caution! Do not turn off the console or restart the game while the game is being saved. In order to save a game, you must select a profile and a device on which to save the game.


What do I do if I accidentally select the wrong play profile when joining the game, or the game misidenties me when I’m using biometric enrollment?
In either case, you can change identity to select the correct profile. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Bring up the Main (Options) menu by holding your left hand out to the lower-left corner of the screen.
2. Select the Change Identity option.
3. Select the correct profile (identity).


How do I play with a friend?
There are two ways to play with a friend:

  • You can jump out of the game and ask your friend to jump in and continue playing for you. All achievements are saved to your profile.
  • Invite your friend to join the game and play along with you. If your friend creates his or her own profile, then he or she can jump into the game or play as a Guest.

Note: Because Podracing is competitive racing, a second player cannot join a race that is in progress. If two players wish to race, you must select the second player at the beginning of a race.



How do I navigate through the Main Menu?
To cycle through the modes on the Main Menu, use a left or right swipe motion, or hover over the arrow button.



How do I return to the Main Menu during gameplay?
If, during a gameplay session, you wish to return to the Main Menu select a different game mode to play, simply:

1. Bring up the Pause Menu by holding your left hand out to the lower-left corner of the screen.
2. Select Exit to exit the game mode. You will then be returned to the Main Menu.

Note: You can only select modes and areas within modes that are unlocked. You will need to play the mode to progress and, in turn, unlock additional game content.


How do I skip cinematics?
Hold your right hand out and down to the side, palm facing forward, and wait until the Skip Cinematic icon appears on the right side of the screen. Continue to hold out your hand until the circle makes a complete rotation. If the game is loading, you will not be able to skip the cinematic.



What do the small microphones mean?
In the lower portion of each screen you will see a microphone icon. This icon represents Kinect Voice. To activate Kinect Voice, say “Xbox” and then follow the on-screen phrase to activate the menu item using your voice command. Voice support varies by region and language. Please see the table below for the type of voice feature support available by region and language.

English/New Zealand



Kinect Basics
For information of how to calibrate and troubleshoot your Kinect, please visit http://support.xbox.com/en-US/browse/xbox-360/kinect.



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