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How do I stay safe online?

posted on 2014/06/29


User-added image Code of Conduct
Breaking any of these rules will result in a temporary or permanent ban from the game.

Staying Safe Online
Remember to never share or request personal information with others in the game. Personal information includes your real name, phone number, home address, email address, social networking information, school name, username, personal blog, photographs or videos. 
Respecting Others
Always be respectful and kind towards other players. We do not tolerate bullying or harassing behavior, nor repeatedly asking or questioning others for items or currency.
Inappropriate Language
Use clean language - we do not tolerate swearing, racism, foul or graphic language, talk of drugs, sexual relations, or alcohol in the game.
No Cheating
Cheating is not allowed. This includes the use of programs to gain additional items or currency unfairly.


User-added image Why was my account banned?
A Guest who violates our Terms of Use may have his or her account temporarily banned. Additional violations may result in permanent banning of the account.
When an account is banned as a result of such a violation, an e-mail is sent to the address associated with the account (or to the parent account if the violation occurred on a linked child account). The ban will begin once the account owner logs into the account and will be automatically released after the amount of time indicated at login.
Account bans will not be released early. You are responsible for all behavior on your account. Never share your Disney Account ID and/or password with anyone else.
For more information on the specifics of your account, please go to our Contact Us page.


User-added image What are the name approval guidelines?
  • No Personally Identifiable Information, such as where you live, where you go to school or any of your contact information.
  • No religious or political connotations, such as names that relate to any religion, religious figures, religious festivals, political belief, or candidates.
  • No names that imply relationships, such as dating online, or names that suggest inappropriate relationships with others.
  • No racist, derogatory, or discriminative names or terms.
  • No names that reference hacking, manipulating, and cheating in the game.
  • No names that show intent to hurt, damage or kill someone or something.
  • No names that reference activities or hobbies outside of or too mature for our age demographic.
  • No Disney property names if spelt correctly to reduce confusion surrounding actual Online Characters.
  • We will allow mythology and “god” names relating to non-religious references.
  • We will allow names that include country or race as long as the name does not invoke discrimination or isolation amongst players.
  • We will allow fantasy/medieval weapon names (light sabers, swords).
  • We will allow up to 4 numbers in a name.


User-added image Is Disney Infinity safe?
Disney Infinity is dedicated to creating and maintaining a safe environment for our guests. We do this through the use of robust chat filters, a live on-site staff who monitor player activity and chat, and by offering parental controls. To learn more about our safety features and parental controls, please take a look at our Parent Page.


User-added image How can I be safe online?
 Staying safe online is easy, by following these 3 simple rules:
1. Never give out your personal information - such as your name, address, or phone number.
2. Always keep your password private and safe - even from your friends!
3. Only play the game with the software provided by Disney.
When in doubt, always ask a parent for help. Also, the Disney Infinity Safety Crew is always here to help. You can contact them form the Contact Us page.


User-added image What is Safe Chat?
Our chat feature is designed to increase the safety of our players, while making it easy for them to communicate with friends around the globe.
Over the years, we’ve been researching how to make chat better. Working with everyone from engineers to computational linguists, we developed a chat system that offers predictive text. This allows players to select what they’d like to say based on phrases that have been pre-approved by our highly trained team of moderators.
These improvements have increased the overall safety of players, allowing them more ways to express themselves. They are able to see what phrases are permissible on the site, which results in a Disney Infinity experience that’s better than ever.


User-added image How do I report a player?
If a player is chatting inappropriately, you can report them to a moderator to review the chat by doing the following: 
1. Click on the user’s display picture in the current chat window
2. In the pop up select “I would like to: Report this User”
3. Please select the reason you are reporting this user in the drop down menu
4. Please select the language used in the violation in the drop down menu
5. Click “OK” 

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