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How do I sync my progress across iOS devices?

posted on 2014/06/29

You can synchronize your game progress in Where's My Water? across multiple iOS 5 and later devices using iCloud!

To activate iCloud:

1. Go to Settings
2. Tap iCloud


3. Select iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive

4. Move the slider to th
e green On position

Turn On
Note: Make sure you’re using the same iCloud account on each device. Check the email address in the Account section to see which account you're logged into.

For more information on setting up iCloud on all of your iOS 5 and later devices, visit Apple's site.

Before you synchronize all of your devices, activate iCloud on each device, and activate iCloud sync in the app on each device.

To activate iCloud sync in Where's My Water?
1. From the Main menu, tap on the Options (gear) button in the lower left corner
2. In the Options menu, tap on the iCloud button to turn on or off
To continue playing on other iOS devices:
1. Make sure each device has an active Wi-Fi connection
2. Quit Where's My Water? on the first device
3. Launch Where's My Water? on your other device

It can take up to ten minutes for gameplay progress completed on one device to appear on the other.


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