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How do I sync my progress in Disney Emoji Blitz?

posted on 2016/08/24

You can play and save your progress and emojis in Disney Emoji Blitz on multiple devices by logging into Facebook!
​NOTE: If you synced with Facebook prior to the Disney Emoji Blitz 1.4 update then you may need to log out of Facebook and sign in again in order to prompt the save.

How to sync with Facebook

1. Tap the Settings (gear) icon.

Disney Emoji Blitz - Settings

2. In the Settings menu, tap Log In.

Disney Emoji Blitz - Facebook Login Setting

3. From the "Connect Now!" screen, tap the Facebook Login button.

Disney Emoji Blitz - Connect Now

4. Tap the check mark to confirm you are leaving the app to log into Facebook.

Disney Emoji Blitz - Leaving Now

5. Log into Facebook to sync your progress.

Disney Emoji Blitz - Facebook Login

Syncing across multiple devices
Once you launch Disney Emoji Blitz for the first time and log into Facebook on another device, you may see the following notice stating your current saved game is different from the saved game on the server. Tap the Server button to sync to your previously saved game and continue on the new device.

Disney Emoji Blitz - Server button sync


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