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LEGO® STAR WARS™ II: The Original Trilogy

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How do I play The Original Trilogy on the PSP and PlayStation 2?

posted on 2014/07/22


  1. Inspect your UMD for dirt, dust or damage. Also, inspect the compartment where the UMD is inserted for damage.
  2. Restart the PSP and see if the same issue occurs.
  3. Ensure that the PSP battery pack is fully charged. Use the power cord is your suspect that the battery pack may not be supplying sufficient power.
  4. Make certain that the PSP's backlight is not turned off. Find the backlight button located directly to the right of the PSP(tm) logo on the front of the system. If it appears that the backlight is off, hold down the backlight button for 2 seconds to turn the screen on.
  5. Make certain that the PSP is not in sleep mode. Sleep mode is engaged when sliding the Power button upward quickly. If it is in sleep mode, push the Power button upward again to toggle this feature off.
  6. Try the UMD in another PSP. If the game works properly in another system, the problem may rest with your PlayStation PSP. In such a case, contact PlayStation for more information. If the game still does not work in another system, it is likely a problem with the UMD. Consider exchanging the game with the original place of purchase.
  7. Ensure that the PSP is not in Hold Mode. When the PSP is in hold mode, the system buttons are locked and do not function. Hold mode is engaged when the power/hold switch is moved completely down. To clear Hold Mode, slide the power/hold switch upward (not so much as the system may go into Sleep Mode).
  8. For technical assistance with the PlayStation PSP in the U.S. & Canada, please contact SCEA Consumer Service at 1-800-345-SONY.


Does the PSP version of LEGO STAR WARS™ II: The Original Trilogy have game sharing support?
The game does not have "Game Sharing" support for the PSP version.


How do I setup Co-op mode for Lego STAR WARS™ II: The Original Trilogy for PSP?
First, you have to make sure both PSP's are configured in Ad Hoc mode, and that the Wlan switch is ON. Make sure you are both using the same channel for Ad hoc mode. You approach the bar stools to the left of the main bar, once the "create game" option appears, press the X button. You will see the text "Accessing network" on your screen. At that point, the other player would do the same (approach the bar stools, and choose Join game.


I've unlocked characters in the PSP version of LEGO STAR WARS™: The Original Trilogy, but I don't see them walking around in the Cantina?
Unlocked characters don't walk around in the Cantina in the PSP version.


What version of the PSP firmware is required for LEGO STAR WARS™ II: The Original Trilogy?
LEGO STAR WARS™ II: The Original Trilogy requires version 2.71 or later of the PSP firmware. If you do not have that version, it is included on the UMD and will prompt you to install that version prior to launching the game. 



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